Being awarded the Coaching Quality Mark instantly brands your school as top of its class.

This prestigious award is universally acknowledged as the pinnacle of achievement in the Education Coaching industry and is a highly sought-after and high-value kite-mark of excellence.

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When you’ve successfully created a coaching culture in your school you’ll be able to take your place as one of the industry’s finest performers alongside previous winners, which include well-known names like Passmores Academy (from the ‘Educating Essex’ TV series).

Coaching Quality Mark Coaching in Schools

How does the Coaching Quality Mark process work?

The Coaching Quality Mark offers you and your Senior Leadership Team the chance to evaluate the coaching practice and impact in your school. When you register for this award you’ll be able to have a telephone consultation with a Coaching Quality Mark Assessor to establish your areas of existing good practice, identify any areas that need to be developed, and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll then complete your action planning, implement it and start to produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate how each of the five CQM Standards are being met.

…But don’t worry – you’re not on your own!

As you work towards the Coaching Quality Mark you’ll have access to unlimited help and advice from the CQM support team. (And if you’d like additional face-to-face support, your Adviser will arrange a subsidised consultancy rate for you).

Once you’ve submitted your portfolio the quality and effectiveness of your school’s coaching will be assessed by a panel of education coaching  experts. You’ll then be informed of the outcome or date of your assessor’s visit if any additional verification is needed.

You’ll also benefit from helpful feedback, practical advice and any recommended action steps to help your school make greater impact through coaching.

Who is the Coaching Quality Mark for?

The Coaching Quality Markis for schools, academies, colleges and universities that are  committed to developing a coaching culture throughout their organisation(s), and are committed to using coaching to support staff & student achievement.


Special mention to Vic Goddard & Suzette Mondroit from the famous “Educating Essex” school Passmores Academy for becoming the 1st school in the UK to be awarded the Coaching Quality Mark on 8 June 2010 – a fantastic achievement!

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If “Educating Essex” TV Star Vic Goddard wants something, he makes it happen! Learn how Project Manager Suzette Mondroit has turned Principal Vic’s coaching vision into a reality so that absolutely everyone in this outstanding school – from kitchen staff to “struggling” students – can access high quality coaching.


>> View Case Study – Salford City Academy

Discover how Salford City Academy scrapped mentoring and used coaching to help teachers drastically improve and turn “inadequate” lessons into “good” and “outstanding” lessons in a 6 week coaching cycle.

Ofsted verified this, and it was part of the evidence submitted in their Coaching Quality Mark portfolio.


>> View Case Study – Brownedge St Mary’s

Find out how Brownedge St Mary’s have created a more personalised and cost-effective CPD system that’s improved teaching and learning and boosted results – And why they don’t want to go back to sending people out on the odd course.

The BIG question is…

…Does Your School Deserve Global Recognition for Quality Coaching Practice?

Meeting the success criteria of the Coaching Quality Mark proves that you’re using coaching in school effectively and it also gives you the opportunity to gain local, national and global recognition for the outstanding coaching work going on in your school.


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